Friday, August 7, 2009

Mtg Helper Ver 1.02 Released!

Mtg Helper is an application for Android phones designed to keep track of players' life while playing a game of Magic: The Gathering. You can find Mtg Helper by searching for it on the Android Market. The application has a host of features, including:
  • Exclusive Head2Head Mode
  • Support for 1-8 Players/Planeswalkers/Tokens
  • Custom Themes
  • Random "Who Goes First?" Utility
  • Custom Player Name Settings (Just long-click the name!)
  • Change Life Three Ways:
Long-click the +/- to add/subtract any amount
Click the +/- to add/subtract one
Long-click the life value to set it directly

Head2Head Mode

Custom Themes

Menu Options

Please leave comments with any feedback, requested features, or bug reports and I will do my best to accommodate you! Thank you very much for your interest in my application.

  • I owe all of the amazing artwork in the application to my girlfriend, Melissa Metheney. The app would not look as fun and exciting if it were not for her hard work on the background and icon.
  • I also owe a big thanks to Daniel Cuevas and Chris Metheney for helping to test the application through a few gross beta phases, and for some debugging support!
  • Last, but not least, I owe another big thanks to my boss, Dr. Rob Edwards, for supporting my crazy Android programming whims!


  1. v1.01 Uploaded to Android Market. Minor bug fix with the Choose Theme image gallery.

  2. Any plans for keeping track of tokens? Looks like there's plenty of available space when in Head to Head mode to allow the creation of token counters.

  3. Indeed there is! I had considered adding a different functionality for Add New Player when in head2head mode. If this is desired functionality, I will definitely add it to my next version update. My apologies for the slow reply - I'm actually on vacation for the next couple of days and just now got internet access...

    For now, you can actually use 'add new player' to put more "players" in the game as planeswalkers or counters (I actually do this when I play). The issue is that currently if you add 4 players, one will be on player 1's side, and one on player 2's side. Currently, you cannot change this behavior, but I will look into figuring out a better way to do this for head2head mode :)

    Thank you very much for commenting! I am very interested in how my app is used and what functionality is desirable!

  4. I am pleased to say that, as per request, token support has been added to MtgHelper! In Head2Head mode, players are able to use the "Set Tokens" button.

    It works by creating between 1-3 Token trackers per side. These can be renamed to things like "Dragon" or "Soldier" based on what token (or planeswalker!) you have. The token trackers then act just like a player's life value does.

    For tokens, you can add to the number every time a new Soldier is created. For planeswalkers, loyalty can be tracked just like player life (as before).

    I hope everyone enjoys this feature! If there are any other ideas, suggestions, or problems please feel free to contact me :)